Websites & e.stores creating

E.Shops (Online Stores) installation

Creating – individual or custom designs e.stores.
 Adapting design templates. DEMO: Front  (Try Mobile is OK!) and Admin side.

E. Flyers

Creating – e.flyers (e.postcards), devoted to the promotion via e-mail used for greetings, service or product advertising.

Prepare for (SEO) optimization

Web sites & e.stores content management systems preparing to search engine optimization.


Creating – an individual or a custom design websites. 
Adapting websites design templates.

Advertising banners

Creating – promotional web banners 
for your advertising campaigns.

Logos and corporate identity

Creating – logos, documents, presentations and envelope templates, prepare business cards suitable for printing.

Aedilis Website development

Website “StartPage” created a one-page basis Client – //Aedilis// Design – Den //Aedilis// Programming – Audrius //Epalete// Web layout – Audrius //Epalete//

Consumption Web Interface

Design – Mindaugas //Studija Infect// Webmaster – Audrius //Epalete// Designed to account energy consumption. We did only a small proportion of the total complex accounting system. But we did the most visible part.